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We inform you about the sale of selected products. Promotional prices include products from the Genesis Cine category.



   -20% discount applies to Genesis ADO sliders: Genesis ADO 60 Cam Slider and Genesis ADO 120 Cam Slider. They allow for smooth running of video equipment. Thanks to sliders, professional dynamic frames can be obtained. ADO sliders were built from aluminum alloys in combination with industrial materials.


  -20% is also overpriced by the stabilizer for GoPro sports cameras. Genesis ESOX for GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 4. The stabilizer is equipped with two electric motors and gyroscopic sensors, thanks to which it allows to obtain stable and smooth shots from the hand.


   -20% is also a discount on Follow Focus for Samyang 14 mm, which is used for smooth tracking of the focus during filming. Thanks to the adjustable position of the gear, it works with both wide-angle and telephoto lenses.


  -20% is also a discount on Cam Cage for BMPCC, it is a camera cage specially created for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera , to enable quick and convenient assembly of accessories necessary for filming. The cage also has a convenient handle that is useful when working with it.




-15% is a discount on the sliders from the HD series:

This is a series of sliders, thanks to which we get fluent and dynamic music when filming. These sliders are characterized by high lifting capacity.




  -12% discount for Cam Cage for Panasonic GH3 / GH4 and Cam Cage Sony A7. Both camera cages have been specially created for cameras for which they are dedicated. The cages are used to mount the accessories necessary for filming, and the shape of the cage allows for easy access to the battery and camera buttons.


Sale is valid while stocks last.


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