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We would like to hear your opinion about the solutions used in our products. If you have any idea that could help improve Genesis products, or if you feel that there is something missing from our products - send us a message!

Would you like to benefit from some particular solution in our new products? We would like to hear about your creative ideas! R&D department was created to give you actual impact on the functionality and design of Genesis products. Let us combine our forces and jointly develop products created by photographers for photographers.

R&D program — test and develop our brand together!

Does Genesis give you a lot of joy and is an indispensable travelling companion? You cannot imagine a photo shoot without our equipment? Or perhaps you do not really like some of our functional solutions? Tell us about it! Why do you like us, which products do you use most often, which of them are your everyday companions, and which of them you rather use warily, with a proverbial pinch of salt. Share with all your feedback and doubts. Ask your friends, colleagues and family - perhaps their view is different. Tell us about their opinions.

Rules of participation in the program

The program is aimed at people who want to exert real influence on the look of Genesis brand. Throughout the program, they become the co-authors of our products by giving us practical feedback. We create new quality together. By interactive cooperation, directly based on your comments, we create and adapt products that fully satisfy your needs - they are functionally created by the Users and for the Users.

How can I submit my participation?

Fill-in an application form on our website, providing you name, email contact and ideas. Make sure your email address is correct. We stipulate that all ideas submitted through the form become the intellectual property of the Genesis brand.


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