Genesis C1

C1 Kit is an ultra-mobile, lighweight  travel tripod .


C1 is an ultra-mobile, lighweight (1,02 kg) travel tripod. C1, almost entirely made of carbon fibre, provides low weight, high durability to mechanical damages, long service life, large load capacity and interesting design.

Tightened flanges connecting given leg sections prevent dampness, pollution, dust and sand from getting into the device.

Length of the legs are adjusted by 3 rings. Metal feet spikes increase stability on boggy, subsiding grounds, while rubber caps ensure tight grip on slippery surfaces.

The central column is adjusted with a ring. Additionally, it features a spring hook to hang a stabilizing load.

One leg of the C1 Tripod can be transforme into a full‑fledged, practical monopod.


C1 Kit is available in four colours- green, grey, blue, orange.

The tripod is sold only in a set with the head as Genesis C1 Kit.

Specification of C1 :

Max. Height 161.5 cm
Max. Height (with QC down) 125 cm
Min. Height 18,6 cm
Sections 4
Max. Tube Diameter 25 mm
Tripod’s Weight 1,02 kg
Max. Load 10 kg
Warranty 6 years






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