Genesis CVT-20

Genesis Base CVT-20  is a professional  video tripod .


Genesis Base CVT-20  is a professional  video tripod . Solid aluminum construction of the tripod allows for operation with heavy video cameras, ensuring smooth and stable panning.

Metal feet spikes increase stability on boggy, subsiding grounds, while flat, rubber caps ensure tight grip on slippery surfaces.

CVT-20  comes with two spirit levels: one is used to level the head, and the other to spirit-level the tripod. The kit comes with a case made of thick, resistant material. Working height 1 (73 cm) is intended for filming from worm's-eye view, while working height 3 (169cm) is designed for capturing pictures from bird's eye view.

 The CVT-20 tripod is only available with the oil head as a CVT-20 Kit

Specification of CVT-20:

Max Height 182  cm
Working Height 1 73 cm
Working Height 2 120 cm
Working Height 3 169 cm
Sections 3
Max Load (Tripod) 50 kg
Warranty 6 years






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