Genesis CVT-10

Genesis Base CVT-10 is a professional  video tripod.


CVT-10 is a smaller version of CVT-20 , which allows for greater mobility of the tripod. Retracted CVT-10 Kit measures 62,5 cm. Three sections of tripod and the feet (spiked or rubber) allow to adjust the tripod to be operated on a variety of surfaces.

The tripod is made of aluminum, which makes it light and easy to carry.

The CVT-10 tripod is only available with the oil head as a CVT-10 Kit

Specification of CVT-10 :

Max Height (with Head) 151,5  cm
Working Height 1 57,8 cm
Working Height 2 97,5 cm
Working Height 3 141,5 cm
Sections 3
Max Load 4 kg
Warranty 6 years






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