Genesis MFC 3

MFC 3 is an uniwersal bracket with 1/4" mouting thread.


MFC 3 mounting bracket - this is a grip handle that can be placed on eitherflat and semicircular surfaces, as the rotatable grippers are also suitable for mounting on various types of surfaces. The maximum spacing of the mechanism is 32 mm, and the whole mechanizm runs smoothly and perfectly maintains the whole kit in its place. Thanks to a convenient handwheel, it takes only a moment to mount the handle on various surfaces. The handle is equipped with the male 1/4 "assembly bolt and its maximum capacity is 2 kg.

The MFC3 bracket can only be purchased as a GPH-30 Kit.

Specification of MFC 3:

maximum spacing: 32 mm
assembly screw: 1/4"
base diameter: 30 mm
lenght: 100 mm
height: 55 mm
width: 20 mmm
capacity: 2 kg
weight: 72,5 g






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