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Genesis C5

C5 Tripod is a perfect choice for both beginning and expert photographers. The tripod is made of light and durable carbon fibre. Provides high quality craftsmanship and is made with utmost attention to detail. With its optimal framework and use of the finest-quality materials, the tripod's maximum load of 30kg seems impressive in comparison to its small weight.



Length of all 4 sections can be adjusted through special rings. Each section is separated by a sealing flange to prevent dirt, fine sand and dust or dampness from getting caught inside.

C5's rubber feet increase the tripod's stability and prevent sliding even on smooth surfaces.

The device's central column is also adjusted by the ring and fitted with a spring-loaded hook for suspension of an additional load to stabilize the tripod.

The tripod comes with a useful functionality, it can be transformed into a practical monopod equipped with a wide foam insulated handle to ensure good grip and a thread to mount a film or photo head.



 Genesis Base C5 is available in four colours- green, grey,blue and orange.

Genesis Base C5 Tripod Blue 9

Specification of  C5:

Number of Sections: 4
Leg Diameter: 32 mm
Maximum Height: 193,7 cm
Minimum Height: 24,5 cm
Weight: 1,70 kg
Max. Load Capacity: 30 kg
Warranty: 6 years


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